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I'll read almost anything if it sounds good, but I tend to read mostly YA, and a lot of those are paranormal or dystopian. I have started to branch out into more contemporary lately.

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Absolutely Done - Dominae Primus When I was sent the description for this book, I jumped at the chance to read and review it. It just sounded really good and interesting! A rebel angel filling in for the Grim Reaper? That sounded really cool! But from the first few sentences, I already knew that I was lost. The book starts off in a conversation between Absolute and his mentor/boss/master (not sure), but it's kind of hard to follow and isn't immediately evident what was going on.From there, the book just went downhill for me. I just didn't care for the writing style. It was chopped into different scenes with very little explanation or connection between them. Half the time, I found myself not knowing who was doing what or what was going on. There were a lot of incomplete sentences, which felt more like setting notes for a script, that just completely pulled me out of the story.The characters were okay, but I felt that they needed to be a bit more developed. I have no idea where half the people came from or what they had to do with each other.The ending was kind of predictable, but I also kind of found it lacking. Granted, there wasn't really much conflict throughout the story to resolve, so I guess that makes sense.Overall, I think that this book had a lot of potential. The description sounded good, and the scenes that were in it would be good with some reworking and editing. However, it definitely needs an overarching storyline to tie everything together, which I felt it was lacking. For that reason, I have to give it 1 fairy.