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The Hogwarts Saga as Ring Composition and Ring Cycle - John Granger I’ve heard a lot about ring theory in relation to Harry Potter, so I was looking online to try to find some actual examples from the text. What I found was this book, which is an expanded transcription of a speech John Granger gave on Ring Composition.Parts of this book bored me to tears. I was literally falling asleep as I was reading it, as it went a little more in depth with descriptions of ring theory and other things that pretty much went in one ear (er, eye?) and out the other. However, at only 164 pages (and $9.99. Good thing I had a gift card, and you can tell I was really curious about this ring theory information), I decided I might as well read the whole thing.Once it actually got into the concrete examples from the book, I was really interested. You could tell that John Granger really did his research on this, and seeing it all in black and white really made me appreciate JK Rowling’s writing that much more. This whole book just really shows how well thought out the Harry Potter series is, which is probably one of the reasons I love it so much! If you’re interested in ring theory and how it relates to Harry Potter, this is definitely an interesting read, though I still think the $9.99 price tag is a little high.This review is also posted on my blog, Mommy's Reading Break.