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I'll read almost anything if it sounds good, but I tend to read mostly YA, and a lot of those are paranormal or dystopian. I have started to branch out into more contemporary lately.

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Insurgent (Divergent, #2) - Veronica Roth *This review will contain spoilers for the first book: Divergent.*Insurgent picks up immediately where Divergent left off. Because of that, it is immediately ten times better. Divergent is an excellent book, but as the first book of the series, it has a lot of world and character building. Necessary, yes, but not nearly as exciting. Insurgent is action packed from early on. The action picks up so quickly that you almost wonder what on earth could happen later in the book!I really liked the way Roth handled the aftermath of the simulation attack, and more particularly, Beatrice's reactions to the deaths that she had a hand in at the end of the first book. It was very realistic and definitely made you relate to her a bit more.There is a big mystery in the whole book related to certain information. I spent the entire book wondering whether or not we'd really get this information, as this is only the second book, and the more the information was brought up, the more I was dying to know what it was!Like Divergent, the book ends with some resolution (I won't say to what conflicts) but also with a bigger cliffhanger. The cliffhanger made me very anxious to read the final book...which hasn't been released yet. For that reason, I almost regret reading these books now! I love it so much that I want to know how it ends, but I've got almost a year-long wait!I am very happy and impressed with the world that Roth has built. Both in the building of factions, but more specifically the detail of Dauntless initiation and life, and in the portrayal of the roles people play in war. I also like how she throws in surprises and you find yourself changing your feelings, or at least questioning your initial feelings, about certain characters.