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Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins This review is also posted on Mommy's Reading BreakWhen we left Sophie, she had decided to have her powers removed in order to save others from her potential of “demoning out” and killing people and was anticipating the arrival of her father, aka the Head of the Council. With that left hanging, and knowing that the Removal could potentially kill her? I knew I had to pick Demonglass up right away. Also, the title is Demonglass, which we found out in the first book was the only thing that could kill a demon, and Sophie’s a demon. I had to figure out how the title fit!I thought the beginning of this book was great. It seems ordinary, since Sophie is in class, like any other day, and still awaiting her father’s arrival. However, this class turns out to be anything normal. After a near-death experience, we finally meet Sophie’s father! Though he’s been absent for the entirety of her seventeen years, he immediately uses his powers as head of the Council to put his foot down as her father and make her hold off on the Removal process. He then invites her to England to learn more about her heritage before she makes her final decision regarding her powers. We also quickly learn a secret about Cal, the hot, young groundskeeper.Sophie, Jenna, and Cal travel with her father to England and head to Council headquarters, where they meet four other members of the Council, and two teenagers, who Sophie quickly realizes are also demons. This starts alarm bells in her head, and leads to the main mystery of Demonglass. Who is raising demons, and why?I thought that Demonglass was a really good follow-up to Hex Hall. I liked learning more about Sophie’s ancestors and the workings of the Council. The characters were great, too. First of all, Cal just made me swoon. I absolutely loved him. He doesn’t say much, but there is just something about his character that I really loved. He quickly replaced Jenna as my favorite character. Archer also makes a reappearance in this book, which definitely complicates things for Sophie. She still has feelings for him, but obviously, with his involvement with the Eye, he also tests her loyalties.I thought that the ending of Demonglass was much better than Hex Hall. It wasn’t quickly and easily resolved, and it definitely left several questions unresolved. If I hadn’t already had Spell Bound sitting on the shelf behind me, I think I would have screamed! Seriously, I even had to tweet my friend about it!I thought it was a great lead-in to the next book!