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I'll read almost anything if it sounds good, but I tend to read mostly YA, and a lot of those are paranormal or dystopian. I have started to branch out into more contemporary lately.

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If the Shoe Fits - Sarah Mlynowski This review was originally posted on my blogAnother cute retelling of a fairy tale by Sarah Mlynowski. For some reason, I didn’t like it quite as much as Fairest of All, but I still thought it was pretty good.This book starts with Abby and Jonah actually trying to get through the mirror again. They try several times, with nothing happening. When the mirror finally does work, it is under amusing circumstances. This time, the siblings are brought into Cinderella’s story, right in the middle of the ball. They follow her home, and that’s where the story starts to change from the original fairy tale.Abby and Jonah were amusing as usual. But for some reason, I just didn’t really like Cinderella. There were even some comments that Abby made about her seeming mean, and I totally agreed. The fairy godmother was a little strange, too.The ending was just weird. I liked the slight twist in Fairest of All, but I felt that there was too much changed in this one.Overall, I did really like this story, and I thought that it was a cute, quick read. I really like how Sarah Mlynowski is able to reinvent the fairy tales that most of us have grown up with, but I just didn’t find If the Shoe Fits to be quite as enjoyable as Fairest of All. I liked it enough to read the next book in the series anyway, but after finding out that it’s going to be The Little Mermaid, I’m really excited!