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Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1) - Marissa Meyer, Rebecca Soler You can also see this review on my blog hereI have heard such great things about Cinder over the past several months, but I had already wanted to read it since I read my friend Jac at For Love and Books’s review of it last year. It just took me a while to get to it.I’ll start off by saying that I listened to the audio of Cinder, and I kind of wish that I had read it instead. I did really well with audiobooks in January, but my listening has become more and more sporadic, as I prioritize my reading books, so they take me a while. Sometimes, I go so long between listening that I forget some of what has happened, and it takes me out of the world of the story, and I feel like that happened a bit with Cinder.Because I started this so long ago, I don’t remember much about my feelings as I started reading. I remember that Cinder was working in her booth at the market, as a mechanic, when Prince Kai came to her and asked her to fix her android. After he left, there was an outbreak of the plague, and Cinder and her android hid. What I do remember is that things seemed to pick up quickly and keep going.It took me a while to really remember what a cyborg was, but once I did, I was really impressed by Cinder. It felt like her life would be really hard, and in some ways, it was, but in other ways, she was a completely normal girl. I thought Prince Kai was totally amazing because he wasn’t pompous or arrogant. He was a totally down-to-earth, caring individual. And Queen Levana was definitely an intriguing villain. She is scary on all kinds of levels!There were a lot of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, and they were pretty great. It really made Cinder feel like so much more of a fully-developed story than the original Cinderella. However, there was one major plot twist that I called really early on in the book. I just knew that it was going that way, so I wasn’t surprised when it came out. However, the circumstances surrounding the big reveal did surprise me.Overall, I thought that Cinder was a really good book. Also, I did enjoy the audio book. However, I think I may read my kindle version before going on to Scarlet, just to make sure I didn’t miss or forget anything. I would absolutely recommend reading Cinder, and I would recommend the audiobook if you listen more frequently than I do!