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Unremembered - 3.5 stars rounded up to 4I had seen Unremembered mentioned quite a bit around the internet recently, and I had already had it on my TBR list, but when Jessica Brody came to my area with the Fierce Reads tour, I knew I had to buy the book! After listening to her talk a little bit about her book and learning more about it, I was pretty excited. I even started it while waiting for the train on my way home.Unremembered starts with the main character, who we soon come to know as Violet because of the unnatural color of her eyes, floating in the middle of the ocean, amidst a plane crash. When she is found, she doesn’t remember anything and thinks it’s 1609. We then fast forward to her in the hospital, though she feels fine. A search to find her family proves fruitless, and she ends up being placed with a foster family.Honestly, Unremembered started off a lot slower than I expected. We see some minor things, like a mysterious boy who keeps randomly appearing at Violet’s side, telling her that he knows her and that she’s in danger (oh, and that her real name is Sera), and we discover a couple of superhuman abilities, such as being able to do complicated math in her head and run really fast, but the true mystery and action don’t really pick up until about halfway through the book.Violet/Sera is kind of an odd character, but it makes sense. She remembers very little about her life before the plane crash, and actually doesn’t know very much about things around her, such as a plane or the internet. However, the more we learn about her, the more curious I became. I wanted to know where she came from and what was going on with her. I loved Zen. He’s the love interest of the book, and it’s obvious that he’s devoted to Sera, since he keeps appearing just when she needs him. He’s also mysterious, though. We know very little about him, and you can’t help but wonder how he keeps popping up just where she needs him.There was a big sci-fi twist towards the end that I totally didn’t see coming, and I thought it was really cool. It really wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and since Jessica Brody mentioned a big twist at the signing, I spent most of the book trying to guess what it was, and I was way off!The ending was pretty good. I felt like it tied most of the events of the story up but definitely left a big opening for the next book.Though it took me a little longer to get into than I expected, I thought that Unremembered was a really interesting read with enough mystery and a sci-fi twist to keep me turning. I would definitely recommend it.You can also read this and other reviews on my blog, Mommy's Reading Break.