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Reboot (Reboot #1) - Amy Tintera This review can also be found on my blog: Mommy's Reading BreakI received this book for review from the publisher via Edelweiss.Do you watch Epic Reads Tea Time on Ustream on Wednesdays? If you like HarperTeen books, you should. They’ve talked a lot about Reboot on there in the past couple months since I started watching, and I was super excited for it. I requested it on Edelweiss, never really expecting to get approved, and when I did, I pretty much did a fist pump in the middle of my daughter’s girl scout meeting. (Luckily, I’m not the troop leader.) Even though I had other review books that came out before it, I couldn’t resist and read it right away. (Actually, this review is going up almost a month after I finished it because I wanted to post it closer to release day.)Reboot is kind of a paranormal dystopian. In the world of Reboot, a deadly virus has spread throughout the US, pretty much decimating the entire country, save for Texas, which is now the Republic of Texas. A side effect of this virus is that it causes some of the people who have it, whether that is what ultimately kills them or not, to reboot, or come back to life after they die. The longer a person is dead before they reboot, the less humanity they have left inside of them, and the more dangerous they are. They are faster and stronger and heal faster. Having been dead for 178 minutes before rebooting, Wren is the highest number within her facility, and the most lethal. When Callum comes in at only a 22, he is considered a joke, and not expected to last long. However, he seems to be drawn to Wren and convinces her to train him.The beginning of Reboot was awesome. It opens with Wren on an assignment, so we immediately get to see her in action and also very quickly learn that there is one surefire way to kill a reboot, for good this time, when another Reboot is called on his assignment.Honestly, the first half of Reboot was not exactly what I expected. It seemed a little more relationship-centric than I expected from a barely-human 178-minutes-dead Reboot. Wren goes on a few assignments, but it seems to focus more on her feelings toward both Callum 22 and her friend and roommate Ever 56. I was starting to get a little disappointed that this book wasn’t going to be as fast-paced and bad ass as I thought it would be, but things quickly turned around.After the halfway point, everything got way better. There was still relationship and feelings, but they were interspersed with more mystery and intensity. There was more drama, violence, and tension, along with some amazing badassery from Wren. The last half of Reboot was everything I expected and more.The ending tied the events of Reboot up nicely but also left enough open for me to be anxious to read the sequel. Unfortunately, that’s about a year away. I think I will definitely reread Reboot in that time, though, as it was really good.I would highly recommend Reboot, and it will be available next Tuesday: May 7th. Get it!