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Neferet's Curse (House of Night Novellas, #3) - P.C. Cast I started reading the House of Night series in December of 2009, very shortly after reading Twilight. I hadn't done a lot of reading in years and wasn't sure what I'd like, so after loving Twilight, I decided to try out another vampire series. I've really enjoyed the series as a whole, and was very interested in the concept of novellas. Actually, I believe the House of Night novellas were my first intro to novellas within series.As anyone who has read my previous reviews should know, I am a sucker for back story. I love having more information on books that I enjoy. However, I am not a fan of historical fiction. It's just not my thing. Unfortunately, that seems to be what the House of Night novellas seem to tend towards. I actually enjoyed Dragon's Oath, but I found myself struggling to get through Lenobia's Vow.I was very excited for Neferet's Curse. Neferet is the villain that you love to hate. (Though, honestly, after 10 books, I'm kind of sick of her. I feel like she should have been defeated 5 books ago!) I was curious to find out how Neferet could have become so evil. However, I was very disappointed with this story.At the beginning, Neferet, or as she was known before being Marked, Emily Wheiler, is a 15-year-old girl who has just watched her mother die after giving birth to Emily's stillborn baby brother, and her father is already looking at her strangely and making her very uncomfortable. I initially felt really bad for Emily. Her father is a drunk, and he "burns her with his eyes". Emily's father expects her to take her mother's place and become the Lady of Wheiler House. At first she is hesitant, but eventually, she grows into the role.As I said, I initally felt really sorry for Emily. However, as the story progressed, I just found her to be manipulative and cold. Yes, her father is horrible, but until very near the end of the novella, he doesn't seem as bad as she makes him out to be, and yet, there is already something very unsettling about the way Emily's mind works. Once she's Marked, I just feel like her fate is sealed. She was an unpleasant person to begin with, and she became more and more unpleasant as the story progressed. Honestly, I was surprised it took her so long to become truly evil!Aside from the fact that Neferet/Emily was so unlikable, I found that most of the story was just boring. It was written as diary entries, but I felt like almost nothing happened for the first half of the book. There were a couple of scenes that had me raising an eyebrow, but overall, it was just a very slow-moving story, and I was bored.This review is also posted on my blog