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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1) - Julie Kagawa This review was originally posted on Mommy's Reading BreakI’ve heard a lot of people say they really liked The Immortal Rules, so when it was on sale in December, I picked it up for my kindle. Then I got approved on Netgalley to review The Eternity Cure, so it was obviously time to read The Immortal Rules. Honestly, the description doesn’t give too much away, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into it.I really liked the beginning of The Immortal Rules. As a human, Allie is starving and must risk all sorts of danger just to find food. I found this to be really interesting and intense. The rabids that she encountered several times throughout the book were extremely creepy and just thinking about them now makes my skin crawl. But as a human, Allie was in even more danger from the rabids, so they definitely had the strongest effect at the beginning. Oddly, even though I knew from the description that Allie died and became a vampire, I wasn’t expecting it to happen when or how it did, so I was actually kind of surprised.I found the vampire that Turned Allie to be very interesting. Honestly, he doesn’t say much about himself, so he’s very mysterious. For that reason, I was left wondering what it was about Allie that made him interested in Turning her in the first place, and in a world where vampires rule over humans and are fairly social creatures, why is he out on his own?However, I must have missed or skimmed the part of the book description that said that Allie tries to blend in as a human after fleeing her city because I wasn’t expecting it. Honestly, at this point, I was slightly reminded of Twilight with the whole “Vampire thinks he/she’s a monster and tries to retain his/her humanity” thing, though obviously with more traditional vampires. And again, I found the pacing of Allie’s travels with the humans to be a bit slow and a little boring. There were definitely some good scenes, but it just felt like it dragged a little to me.Luckily, the last 30% of the book was much more intense. The action and pace picked up, and I was really sucked in. There was a lot of conflict and tension, along with a few surprises, and I really enjoyed it. Also, The Immortal Rules was one of those endings that I liked. It definitely felt like the events of this book were resolved, but it definitely left an opening for the following book, making me really glad that I have it and am picking it up soon.Overall, I thought that The Immortal Rules was a little longer than it needed to be and a little slow at times, but by the end, I was really glad I read it and anxious to read the next book. The vampires are more on the traditional side, but it also had some new creatures and a completely new world, which I found to be pretty interesting. I would recommend it.