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Destroy Me (Shatter Me, #1.5) - Tahereh Mafi I know that some people are not a fan of novellas set within a series, but I love them! I always have questions and love backstory, so any extra info I can get within a series I enjoy is welcomed! So as soon as I saw that there was a novella between Shatter Me and Unravel Me, I knew I had to read it.Destroy Me is a novella told from Warner (the main antagonist’s) perspective, and it overlaps parts of Shatter Me and Unravel Me and the time in between. It picks up right after Juliette shoots Warner and escapes. I found it interesting to see Warner’s reaction to Juliette having shot him and to see his feelings regarding his soldiers and how he handles his injury.A new character is introduced in Destroy Me: Supreme Commander Anderson, otherwise known as Warner’s father, and to say that he’s not a nice man would be an understatement. However, with the appearance of Warner’s father, we’re able to see some more of why Warner is the way he is and learn a little more about his character.As I said before, I really enjoy backstory, so I really liked seeing events from Warner’s perspective and learning more about his past and personality. Also, since Warner stole Juliette’s notebook in Shatter Me, we see him start reading it in Destroy Me, allegedly looking for a clue as to where Juliette may have run off to. These scenes are interesting because they give a little more insight to both Warner and Juliette’s characters.The scene at the end is my favorite. Without giving too much away, it shows a bit of Warner’s softer side, but there’s also a strange scene that may or may not be what it appears to be, which got me excited for the next book!I would recommend Destroy Me for anyone who loves any and all information in a series and wants to see more of Warner’s personality.*This review is also posted on my blog