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Sisters in Sanity - Gayle Forman I had never even heard of Sisters in Sanity, but when I signed up for the Gayle Forman Read-Along at Book Addict’s Guide, I decided to go along for the whole thing. Since Sisters in Sanity was the first book up, I decided to give it a chance.Sisters in Sanity starts out with Brit complaining about a family trip to the Grand Canyon with her father, baby brother, and “Stepmonster”. However, when it’s time to leave for the trip, Brit realizes that something fishy is going on. Instead of going to the Grand Canyon, her father takes her to Red Rock. Red Rock is supposed to be like a rehab facility for out-of-control teens, but ends up more like an extreme boot camp. Their “therapy” borders on abusive.The characters are really interesting in Sisters in Sanity. Brit quickly becomes friends with several of the girls in Red Rock, who are all dealing with their own messed up relationships with their parents, along with their problems that got them sent to Red Rock to begin with. V, Martha, Bebe, and Cassie are definitely a great group of friends that really help Brit through being in Red Rock. There’s also a great love interest in Brit’s bandmate, Jed. The “villains” Sheriff and Clayton are definitely creepy. How they think they’re doing any kind of good for the girls in Red Rock is beyond me.Part of what I liked best about Sisters in Sanity is seeing Brit come to terms with the realities of her life. She has to face some harsh realities about her family and her own possible future, along with the fact that some adults just don’t take teenagers seriously. Getting her voice heard is not always an easy task.I thought that the ending was really good, though it left me wanting more. I can’t even put into words what I actually wanted and didn’t get, but I just felt like I needed a little something more. Overall, though, I thought that Sisters in Sanity was a really good book. It definitely had me feeling all sorts of emotions and had very likable characters. I would definitely recommend it!You can also read this, and other, reviews on my blog, Mommy's Reading Break