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Shark Out of Water (Grab Your Pole, #3) - Jenn Cooksey This review will contain spoilers for The Other Fish in the Sea.If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know that I am obsessed with Jenn Cooksey’s Grab Your Pole series, and after the ending of The Other Fish in the Sea, I was salivating to get my hands on book 3, so I picked it up the day it was released and immediately ignored, er, preoccupied, my children so I could start it!Just so you know, I am struggling with deciding how to write this review. I really don’t want to spoil anything, but that’s very hard to do. Suffice it to say, this will probably be a fairly short review to avoid ruining anything.Like The Other Fish in the Sea, Shark Out of Water is told from multiple perspectives, but rather than the girls this time, we get to follow the boys around. I really enjoyed this because it’s always nice to see things from a different perspective, and let’s face it, the guys in the GYP gang are awesome. They’re real and hilarious and totally swoon-worthy, each in his own way. I can’t even pick a favorite because I love things about all of them! Also, for those who were frustrated with The Other Fish in the Sea changing perspective without being prefaced, that has been resolved. The beginning of each section specifies who is talking.I’m having a hard time really deciding on my feelings and a rating for Shark Out of Water. As part of the series, it was an absolutely necessary book, it made sense, and it was definitely a great addition. However, on its own, Shark Out of Water was not my favorite book of the series. A big part of what I loved about Shark Bait and The Other Fish in the Sea were the humor. Seriously, I was cracking up laughing the first time I read Shark Bait. There were some humorous bits, but obviously, due to the nature of the book, there wasn’t as much humor. Camie and Tristan broke up at the end of The Other Fish in the Sea, and neither one of them is in a great place because of that, so Shark Out of Water as a whole is a darker, sadder book. It was still very realistic, though, which I absolutely loved, but I definitely missed the lighter tone of the earlier books at times.Another thing that is great about Jenn’s writing is that her characters are just so realistic. I loved getting to know the boys a little better by being in their heads. But obviously, this is high school. Rumors are running rampant, and no one knows the full story (including the reader), so obviously the characters got a bit frustrating at times. We all know how it feels to see people who don’t know what’s going on running their mouths and how frustrating that can be, so at times, I wanted to smack each and every one of them. This can be fun, though. You’re never going to like someone 100% of the time (Seriously, I even want to smack my best friend and husband at times! lol), so it wasn’t unpleasant to feel that way.There is so much more that I could say about this book, but it would give too much away. Let’s just suffice it to say that I felt several emotions while reading it. There were parts that made me happy, sad, angry, nervous, amused. It was just a great book.I will say that I was very satisfied with the ending. That’s all I can really say to avoid spoiling anything.Okay, now for the hard part: the rating. As part of this wonderful series, I easily give Shark Out of Water 5 stars. However, on basing it on its own merits, it would probably be closer to a 4, so I’m going to split the difference and give it 4.5!This review is also posted on my blog, Mommy's Reading Break.