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Triangles - Kimberly Ann Miller I had never heard of Triangles before seeing an ARC Tour of it over at Literary Lushes, but the description sounded pretty interesting, so I signed up. I happened to be between books when it arrived in the mail, so I started it that day. The description says it’s 216 pages, but the ARC I read was 175. The print was pretty small, though.The beginning of the book was kind of boring. Autumn goes to work and then has lunch with her co-worker/friend. While there, she sees a hot guy who works at the bank and her “shadow”, one of the mechanics at the auto parts store she works at who has a crush on her. She chats to her friends about the boys, blah, blah, blah. Then she goes home, fights with her sister, and then they leave for the cruise. While on the cruise, she bumps into both boys from the aforementioned lunch, both of which are interested in her.Honestly, I didn’t like Autumn. She seemed like a stuck-up snob, who, of course, treated the good guy like crap and was all about the bad boy. She seriously had me rolling me eyes at her quite a bit. Joey is the good guy, but he is a bit annoying and clueless. She’s openly rude to him, and he just keeps coming back for more. Seriously? Take a hint! Marcus is the “bad boy”. He’s an obvious womanizer, and yet Autumn’s all about it. Like I said, eyeroll-inducing.The story picks up when the ship crosses over into the Bermuda Triangle. At this point, Autumn wakes up to a different reality where she’s been dating Marcus for a year. She has no memories of this, since this isn’t her true reality, so she has to learn about her life in this alternate reality as the day progresses. This happens for two more days. Each day, she wakes up to a new reality. On the final day in the Triangle, she meets a doctor who tells her that the Triangle affects different people in different ways and that any of the alternate realities could become her real one when they leave the Triangle.Here’s where a mostly enjoyable book fell flat for me. The alternate scenarios were really cool and had the potential to be up there with Parallel or Pivot Point. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t anything to back it up. Just being in the Bermuda Triangle, which does crazy things, didn’t seem like enough of a reason for her to have alternate realities, especially since these alternates change huge life events dating back a decade. It just didn’t make sense to me. Also, the doctor says that any reality could become her true one, but there is no explanation why or how her reality turns out the way it does. I just felt it was missing some major explanation as to why the events happened.Overall, I mostly enjoyed the story of Triangles, but unfortunately, I just felt it was missing a lot to make sense. While I was hoping for another Parallel or Pivot Point, it just didn’t measure up for me. It wasn’t terrible, though, so it may be worth a read if it interests you. Since I was the only person to sign up for the ARC Tour, Brittany has given me permission to pass it on, so if you’re interested in reading it, let me know!This review is also posted on my blog, Mommy's Reading Break