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Inferno - Dan Brown I love Dan Brown. Seriously. I remember all the controversy around The DaVinci Code, so I wanted to read it. Somehow I realized Angels & Demons came before The DaVinci Code, so I read that one first, and even with as long as it was, I flew through it. I absolutely loved it. I then proceeded to love The DaVinci Code and read his non-Robert Langdon books, which I liked a lot, too. I was hooked and very excited when I found out that he was writing another Robert Langdon book with The Lost Symbol. I definitely didn’t get into The Lost Symbol anywhere near as much as the other books, but just about every author will have that one book that you just don’t love as much, so I was still really excited when I found out Inferno was coming out. I’m not a history fan, but the way Brown infuses history, symbology, fact, and fiction into his stories just really fascinates me.Inferno started off very excitingly. The prologue has a suicide, and the actual body of the story starts off with Langdon waking up in a hospital room and having no recollection of how he got there. In talking to his doctors, he realizes that he’s actually lost his memory of the last two days. At that point, a woman walks into his room and tries to kill him. Talk about starting off with a bang!I felt like Inferno dealt with some really serious matter, and it actually scared me a little bit, as a big part of the storyline has to do with world overpopulation. When given scientific facts about this, it’s a bit chilling. However, while it bothered me in a reality sense, it didn’t really draw me into the storyline as much as I had been in previous books. I’m not really sure why, but it just didn’t grab me.By about the halfway point, I realized I had no idea what was going on. I wasn’t even a little bit convinced I knew who was doing what and why. But I did find a serious love for beautiful European buildings, which is new for me. lol At the halfway point, though, I felt like I had already found out a lot, and I couldn’t figure out what could still fill another 200+ pages. The last half just felt a little slow to me.Inferno reminded me why I don’t read a lot of adult books. While the story line was interesting, sometimes I felt like there was more description and exposition than was really necessary, and I found my interest waning at times. However, I still love Dan Brown, so I’ll forgive him for this.When the big reveals happened toward the end of the book, there was a twist, and I definitely didn’t see anything coming. I was totally blindsided left and right! There’s a moral dilemma throughout Inferno and even moreso toward the end, and I liked that. I liked that the answer wasn’t black and white, and I’m still not even sure what my feelings were.Overall, I found Inferno to be a good read and enjoyable. I liked it better than The Lost Symbol, but it just didn’t draw me in like the first two Robert Langdon books. However, I will definitely read any new books that Dan Brown may come out with, and I would definitely recommend this series, or his other books.(Just a note: While there is a chronological aspect to the Robert Langdon books, they are not really related. There may be a small reference to a former book, but never really a full-on recap or spoiler, so they can be read in any order.)This review is also posted on my blog.