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Siege and Storm (The Grisha, #2) - Leigh Bardugo After the ending of Shadow and Bone, I was hooked and anxious to go right into the sequel, so I was glad that it was out (and glad I had a Kindle, as I could download it immediately)! For the most part, I found that Siege and Storm was better than its predecessor, but not always.Siege and Storm begins with another of the weird third-person “boy” and “girl” chapters. I guess that’s just the writing style for this particular series, but I still find it to be a little strange. However, the opening chapter is pretty short, so not too big of a deal.When we first jump into the actual story, we find Alina and Mal hiding out from the Darkling, and working to try to earn some money so they can be on their way. It seemed to me like we were going to be off for a slow start, but I was wrong. Something big happens very quickly, so I was pretty excited! I felt like the pace was pretty good for much of the beginning. It was full of twists, turns, and surprises. The Darkling’s new power? Creepy! That’s all I’ll say because you really need to read it for yourself.However, I felt like the pace slowed way down for much of the middle. This is similar to Shadow and Bone, but it felt different to me. Getting to know your new way of life is interesting to me. Trying to plan a war, not so much. There were a few new characters that I really liked, so they helped bring up the portion of the story, but overall, it just felt slow to me.The big climax at the end wasn’t as exciting to me as the ending of Shadow and Bone, but I thought that it was really interesting. However, the “epilogue” had me slightly frustrated, so I am very anxious for the final book to come out. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next year for that.Overall, I thought that Siege and Storm was a great follow up to Shadow and Bone. Though the pace slowed down more than I wanted or expected, I still thought it was a great read and would recommend it!This review was originally posted on my blog: http://mommysreadingbreak.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/review-siege-and-storm-by-leigh-bardugo/